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Guys, recently we have discussed the apps for sports and kids. Our today’s article is very interesting and most wanted. Today in this article, we’ll share some Pakistani apps to watch Tv dramas. All apps in the article are free to download and use.

Are you looking for App to enjoy dramas and movies? Then read this article and get the best app for you. I hope, you will enjoy all your dramas and movies on these apps. Choose one of the best and try Dramas TV Apps on your android. Most of the apps are paid on Google Play Store, but these are free.

Harpal GEO App

Harpal (Harr Pall) GEO is the dramas and movies app by GEO Pakistan Tv. If you are looking for trending dramas then GEO is the most used app for you. All the best and old GEO Tv dramas are in this app. You can watch released and live streaming dramas. All the movies by GEO are available here to watch for free.

You can get the apk from the official GEO. Also, you can install the app directly from Google Play Store. Install Harpal GEO and enjoy all GEO dramas, movies. You’ll not be asked to purchase anything in the app, it’s free.

ARY Digital

If you are from Pakistan or India then you are well known for ARY dramas and movies. This app has all the dramas and movies of ARY digital, you can watch them free without any subscription. Old and new movies are added to the app to enjoy on the android app.

The main feature of this app is, that you can enjoy live dramas on ARY digital. If you don’t have a Tv then just install the app of ARY and watch all running dramas on your android. Download the app from the official or install it from Google Play Store.

HUM Tv App

HUM Tv is an old interesting Tv app serving Pakistanis with super hit dramas. No one in Pakistan unknown of HUM Tv dramas and movies. Some famous dramas like “Sadqay Tumharey” are available here to watch on HUM Tv. If you are looking for a HUM Tv app then you can get it here.

All dramas and movies by HUM Tv are available in the showcase of this app. You can watch anything in the app for free without paying. Just download the app and install it on your android, enjoy. We’ll recommend you install it from Google Play Store.

Pakistani Dramas for Android

Pakistani Dramas is a new and most used app in Pakistan and India. You can use this app to watch all Pakistani dramas on your android mobile. There are many drama apps for android but this one an interesting free app. All old and new dramas are added in the app, upcoming will also be available.

You can find the app by searching the “Pakistani Dramas” app on Google Play Store. If you want to get APK then search on Google. This is a free app, no one will ask you to pay anything.

Jazz Tube

Jazz Tube is by presented Jazz Telecommunication Company. If you are fond of Pakistani movies and dramas then install the Jazz Tube and enjoy your day. This app lets you enjoy all your favorite series and movies.

This is the all-in-one solution for your android. You can watch all the things on this app like dramas, movies, cricket, and Tv shows. You can enjoy this app for free on your mobile data or Wi-Fi. If you subscribe to a bundle then you’ll not be charged for data.


Guys I have explained the top apps for android to watch Pakistani Dramas. We have discussed GEO, ARY, Pakistani Dramas, HUM, and Jazz Tube. If you any best app for dramas then mention it in the comments, we conclude in next article. If you have any questions then please make a comment.

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