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Afghan TV Channels


Completely free!
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Ajmal Tanha
September 14, 2021
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Completely free!
With Afghan TV Channels you will be able to watch all Afghanistan Live TV Channels and also you will be able to listen to all Afghanistan Radios for FREE.

Afghan TV Channels
Khurshid TV, Lemar TV, Maiwand TV, Mitra, Jahan TV, Javan TV, Noor TV, TV, Tamadon TV, Tolo TV, Zhwandoon TV.1 TV, Ariana TV,Negah TV, Shamshad,Kabul TV,

Music Channels:
– Srood TV
– Kayhan TV

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News Channels:
– Tolo News
– Ariana News

We are trying to add more channels to our Afghan TV Channels app very Soon.

You can suggest us to add new TV channels by contacting us. Also, we are glad to hear from you if you have any suggestions and feedback please contact us.

If you are the owner of any of the TV Channels, Please contact us for removal of the stream from this app.
Please E-mail us: [email protected]

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What's new

بعضی مشکلات چی په اپ کی وو حل شول.
د کریکټ لپاره نوی چنلونه اضافه شول.
په دی ورژن کی تاسو کولای شی چی د میاشتینی اشتراک په کولو سره د اپلیکیشن نه اعلانات لری کړی.

بعضی مشکلات که در آپ موجود بود حل شد.
شما می توانید اعلانات را از اپلیکیشن در میان اشتراک ماهانه دور کنید.


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