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Google Play Store is your go-to option for downloading games and many other apps. It’s preinstalled in the majority of Android smartphones. There is no need to download it. But as Google owns it, people may be a bit panicking about the privacy issues it may cause due to the use of the Google Play Store.
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The Google Play Store is the number one destination for downloading games and other applications. It comes preinstalled in most Androids. You don’t have to download it, but since Google owns it, some people may raise privacy concerns with its use. In such situations, one can opt for free and open-source clients or alternatives to the Play Store. Aurora store is one of the best choices to replace the Google Play Store and still access the app library and games.

Aurora Store is among the best clients of the Google Play Store, which does not require any Google framework & Play Services. This makes it easier to install and more convenient, reducing the chances of spying on your device. You are in the right place if you are looking for an Aurora Store APK download link. This post will provide information about the Aurora Store Android app and exact installation instructions.

Aurora Store features:

#1 – Free and Open Source

The FOSS ecosystem has grown remarkably as many developers bring new apps based on this system. The Aurora Store app must be a FOSS app that you can use freely without any hindrances. This codebase can be edited entirely according to your wants due to its open-source nature provided by its authorship, whereby the developers continuously add new features. Because this program offers an open-source base code, there is no reason to be afraid of spying upon or keeping track of what users do online.

#2 – Stunning UI

The original Google Play Store has a sluggish user interface, but the Aurora store stands out as one of the best applications with a beautiful UI/UX design.  Developers used Material Design principles while developing UIs in this application.   This app presents every category with well-laid-out options so that, like never before, you will feel like using it more than the Google Play Store. With the Stunning UI, you will love it more than the Google Play Store itself.

#3 – Use Anonymously

You must have a valid Google account to access any Google Services. Aurora Store is for you if you do not want to expose your activities to Google. This application has the feature of anonymous login, which is very helpful in several ways. So, by using this feature, you can easily log into the app and download apps without anyone ever knowing who did it.  In addition, this ensures your privacy is protected. There is no need to have a Gmail ID while accessing core functions on the Google Play Store.

#4 – Privacy Protection

True. The Aurora Store app includes Exodus app integration that assists users in finding out what apps are tracking their activity.  This integration enables scanning every application installed to find which ones interfere with the user’s privacy and which ones respect it.  It could be helpful if someone leads a private life.

#5 – Spoofing

Some of the apps on the Google Play Store are restricted to devices. For instance, OnePlus apps can only be installed on OnePlus devices. Aurora Store has an internal spoofing feature to spoof any device you want. You may download applications not meant for your phones by spoiling the device ID with this functionality. This is a great feature that is lacking in other clients of the same kind.


1. Does the Aurora Store have all the apps?

Yes. Aurora Store is an alternative third-party open-source Play store client and features all applications listed on the the Play Store platform.

2. Does the Aurora Store need a Gmail account?

Nope, it does not require any Gmail account; you can even use it covertly, although if you own one, you can log in and use it to access your paid apps.

3. Does the Aurora Store need root access?

Not at all; this app doesn’t require root access to your gadget or phone.

Last words

As big tech companies continue spying on their users, people are increasingly concerned about their privacy. Perhaps Google Play remains where we find a collection of numerous applications that we cannot do without in our lives or phones, which means we must live with these data surveillance practices whether we like them or not; hence, it is better to install Aurora Store APK on your device right now and secure google play services from privacy concerns as well as spying issues.


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