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If we are in the surgical room today, we will discuss our PSO Sahulat app. The app was launched in the name of Pakistan State Oil for Android and iPhone users. You can download it to your phone on any platform and then use it. We will look at how the app is used and how to download it?

PSO Sahulat App Designed for Retailers and Business Partners Using Which You can deal and place orders. If you’re a partner in business or a retail dealer for Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and you are a PSO member, then you can utilize this application. For use you will be provided with an account, with which you will be able to login and utilize this application.

Friends, a variety of applications have been released by SAP and you are able to make use of to do Muslim things. The most significant and significant application is this. You can download the latest version here and then link it to the PSO.

PSO Sahulat App

If you’re a businessperson or seller in the field of PSO then you can utilize this app. Business partners who are money-related can install this application on their phones to access their cities. If you’re also among them, and would like to join with PSO and PSO, then download this app now.

What exactly is PSO?

Pakistan State Wise (PSO) is the biggest oil company in Pakistan. It continues to provide ease to its users and dealers. Recently, they’ve created an application using which retailers and partners are able to make and track orders.

Key characteristics

  • Orders can be placed easily
  • Follow your orders and deals
  • Verify the statement for any item
  • Stay connected via PSO
  • Receive immediate assistance
  • There is no more reason to wait
  • You can pay at any time with your bank
  • Simple to make use of
  • Clean interface

Download APK

If you’re looking to download the application that was developed by PSO. For this, you just need to click the link below. You will be able to download the application. It could be a web page or application. If you locate it in the APK file, you’ll need to install it. It is accessible through logging into the website. Login details will be sent to you via PSO.

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