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Hey guys, we are going to talk about Publish Ex Solution JazzCash and Snack Video. If you have received any SMS from 8558 then don’t worry. Everything about Publish Ex Solutions and JazzCash is explained here. I’ll explain the connection between these apps and how you can earn money from Publish Ex Solution?

Publish Ex Solution

Lots of people are searching the industry because they have received a message from JazzCash. Publish Ex Solution was mentioned within the message. That’s why people are searching what is this? Actually, this message is from the snack video app. The snack video app is giving money in Pakistan.

Publish Ex Solution

Publish Ex solution is a new company that helps you to send or receive payments from various apps. Recently lots of people from Pakistan received money from snack video app in JazzCash. These payments were made using services from Publish Ex Solution.

What is Publish Ex Solution?

This is an online company that provides services to make payments without a bank account. It is the newly launched company in Pakistan that will have people receive money without bank accounts. You can receive your payments in any of your mobile applications like JazzCash.

What does it mean in Urdu?

If you are looking for what is Urdu meaning of Publish Ex Solution then let me clarify that. There is not a new Urdu meaning to this phrase. This is just the name of the brand. So there is not any Publish Ex Solution meaning in Urdu.

How to earn money?

Many users who received money through this company are now searching for how to earn money from Publish Ex Solution. You can also make money but this is not original source. Users are making money from the snack video app, and then getting withdrawal in JazzCash.

Snack Video App

This is a short video app that helps you to watch and create short videos. You can create your own videos and publish them with this app. Engage more friends and fans and get money. You can also make money from this app by just watching videos and inviting friends. This is the first app that is using service from JazzCash and PublishEx Solution.


This is an online banking app by Jazz telco. You can use this app to send or receive money with n Pakistan and other countries. There are many features available in this app like online shopping and QR scanning. You may receive money in this app from the newly launched company Publish Ex Solution. Lots of people got SMS from this.

Relation in these Apps

As I have mentioned snack video app is a trustable short videos app. That lets you watch videos and earn money. This app is using in these two you have to send money to its users. So this is the connection between these apps. Snake video uses the service from Publish Ex Solution to send payment in the Jazz cash account of the user.


This was the information about these apps and the services. Explain the message you received from JazzCash with the mentioned anonymous name of the company. So this was brief information about the company. We will update the article as we get more information. So don’t forget to share this with your friends. Contact us if you need further assistance.

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