Snack Video Official Registration Form 2021

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If you want to get a salary from the snack video app then apply for a creator reward. Here is the Snack Video Official Registration Form Link you can apply from the Snack Video Official Website. If you are looking for how to join a Snack Video Family and get a salary from Snack Video Official Pakistan, then read this article. This will help you to find out all information about the Snack video official salary sheet. Snack Video Official Registration Form Bangladesh (BD) is also available here.

Snack Video Official Registration Form

As you know that there are many people who are earning money from snack videos. You can also make some pocket money from the snack video app by joining the family. Here I will tell you how you can join the snack video family and get rewards? Follow the steps that I am going to tell you and get your salary.

Snack Video Official Registration Form

Creator reward is another important option to make money on this App. If you are looking for how to make money with creator rewards and get bonuses on Snack Video then here is everything. You must follow these guidelines to make money with Snack Video, these are also called rules for working on this App.

What is Snack Video Salary?

Snack Video is a new platform where people can video related to entertainment and knowledge. You can enjoy lots of funny on this app, but who is ready to create videos on this app? Snack Video is hiring creators from other platforms like TikTok and YouTube. The amount snack official pays to the creator is called Snack Video Salary. You can also be a creator of the Snack Video App by joining the snack app and apply using this form.

What is Creator Reward?

Creator reward is just like YouTube monetization feature, you can monetize your videos with features. You can see which of your video was monetized and got how much reward? If your videos are following all the rules and guidelines of Snack Video for creator reward then they will automatically be monetized. You can read the criteria for creator reward below.

Criteria: Your face must be visible in the video. Videos should have a topic, moral story, and meanings. Your video doesn’t violate any of the community guidelines. Video must be high-quality and highly structured. If you follow these and the video goes viral then you’ll get the reward.

How to Apply for Snack Video Salary?

If you are from Pakistan, Bangladesh, or India then you use this link for getting the Snack Video Official Registration Form to apply for Salary. This single form can be used for all countries, Snack Video gives permission for every user to apply for the job.

Snack Video Official Creator Recruitment Form

You can fill this official creator recruitment form and get your salary at the beginning of the month. If you are looking for a form then you can get it here, just apply now by following the steps below.

  • Open the official form from here.
  • Enter your name.
  • Paste the profile link.
  • Enter followers count in numbers.
  • Select gender and click apply button.

Your application will be submitted to the Snack Video team and you’ll get a reply ASAP. This will take few days to get a response, so wait and keep making videos on the Snack Video.

Salary Sheet

This is the official salary sheet for Snack Video creators who are approved for creator rewards and salary. This is the same for all countries. If you have this number of followers then get the exact in your account every month.

Followers Above Fixed Salary
1K $30
1K $30
5K $50
50K $80
100K $100
300K $130
500K $150
1M $200
2M $300
3M $500
5M+ Desired


We have discussed how to get an official salary from Snack Video and the registration form for Pakistan, and BD. If you have any other questions then kindly comment below this post. In case of any issue kindly contact us. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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