Telenor Balance Save Code While Using Internet 2022

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All Pakistani telecoms companies, including Telenor have released codes to secure balance. We have Telenor Balance save code.

Do you have a balance that is consumed when browsing the internet? Have you got an internet plan however, the network still deducts your balance? Be assured that today we’ll show you two simple but effective tricks to help you save your balance Telenor SIM for free. There isn’t a subscription fee or other tax for activating this service.

Some people report they have been told that “network has deducted their whole balance”. This is a typical issue for all telecommunication companies in Pakistan. We have a solution for this issue. We have provided the code and settings for Android to keep your balance. Simply dial the code and be relaxed.

Code Details of Telenor Balance Save

Telenor has released the most efficient way to reduce your balance by surfing the internet free of charge. This is a proven method and you should try it at least once to reduce your expenses.

  • Dial 345 on the dial pad on your phone.
  • Then respond by using “1” to confirm.
  • A network is going to confirm.
  • You will soon be notified of your confirmation.
  • Congratulations for signing up to the “Balance Save Service”.

Save and Lock Code of  Telenor Balance.

The second one is popular for locking your balance. Enter this number using the Telenor account and experience the magic.

  • dial *7799# from your phone.
  • Follow the steps from the system.
  • Verify your subscription and confirm your subscription and.
  • You are a subscriber to “Balance Lock Service”

Mobile Settings To Save Balance

It is possible to block apps and browsers that lead to the loss of your balance while you use the internet. On a lot of SIM cards the codes aren’t working in a proper manner. We have also suggested the mobile settings to safeguard your balance while surfing the web in Telenor. This setting is the ultimate and final way to ensure your balance is secured.

Start the settings of your (android or iPhone) settings.

  • Then, open “Network settings”.
  • Hit “Mobile Data”.
  • The list is updated and a new version will be available.
  • Here is the list of all applications that have the ability to access your information.
  • Find the apps that are part of the package you’re using.
  • Uncheck the apps with a package you don’t.
  • Done! Your balance has been saved.
  • The network is now unable to be charged a one rupee.
  • It is the best method to protect the credit card.

In closing we would like to advise our customers to modify the mobile phone’s settings in the manner mentioned above to keep their balance safe from illegal deduction. Therefore, balance saving has become simple with the advent of the various options that have been introduced by the telecom industry in the past few years.

Most Asked Question

  • Telenor balance save code while using internet 2021?

  • Dial *7799# from your SIM.
  • Telenor balance save code when data is on?

  • Dial 345 from the dial pad of your mobile.
  • Now reply with “1” to confirm.
  • The network will verify.
  • You will shortly receive a confirmation notification.
  • Congratulation you have subscribed to “Balance Save Service
  • all sim balance save code?

Jazz Balance Save/Lock Code

  • Open your dial pad and dial this code *269#
  • Then, press send button.
  • There are no charges on the subscription of this service.

Zong Balance Save/Lock Code

Zong the fastest growing cellular network of Pakistan presents a code and that is absolutely free to save & lock your mobile balance.

  • Zong Balance Saved Code *4004# from your keypad.
  • Select “Prepaid.”
  • Now dial “1” & Subscribe.
  • That will activate “Zong 4G Management Service.”
  • You will receive an SMS for confirmation.

Telenor Balance Save/Lock Code

Telenor is one of the major cellular company operating in Pakistan. Telenor doesn’t offer any specific code to its customer in order to lock or save their balance.

I checked some of the articles and videos that are presenting *7799# code to save your Telenor balance but that’s wrong!! Through this code, you can check the availability of 3G/4G in your area and cannot lock your balance.

Ufone Balance Save/Lock Code

Ufone is the leading Pakistani network. We have a code to save/lock the Ufone balance but if it does not work you should check the last method we’ve described in the Telenor section of this article. *3344#

Warid Balance Save/Lock Code

Jazz and Warid are now the same network. So Warid customers need to dial the same code *275# to save and lock the balance. In case it does not work on the Warid network, we have another code you can try. *269#


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