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Hi, guys today we are going to talk about the most famous News Tv apps for android. If you are a news person and you want to stay updated. Then just install any of these apps and get the latest news, headlines, and talk shows. In this article, I will count on some interesting news tv apps to watch the news and more updates.

There are too many apps related to news and updates. App stores are filled with apps but which are some interesting and best for you, and your android mobile? Let’s know about the most used apps all over the world. You can get the only official apps in this article. Stay tuned, and get truth only, official and prechecked news is approved on these apps.

GEO News

GEO is the old Pakistani TV Company, it has lots of branches to serve Pakistanis. You can see there are two main channels GEO News and GEO Harpal. On GEO News you can watch all news and dramas on Harpal. If you want to enjoy international news on your android mobile then install the GEO News app from App Store. This app lets you enjoy all the news of country and international. Get the latest headlines and newspapers on the app. You can select if you want to watch or read.

If you are looking for GEO News then you can get the APK from any website. But we recommend always installing all apps from Google Play Store officially. In this app, you can get the latest updates on weather, political news, and all other matters. GEO News app totally free and you can install it from anywhere. You’ll not be asked to pay anything to anyone.

Aaj Tak

If you are Indian then I am sure that you’re well known on this Channel. Do you want to get the App of this channel? Yes, this channel has its official Android app to let you watch their live coverage all over the world. Watch the news about all states of India and internationally on this app. If you are tired of watching you can read the newspaper also.

Aaj Tak’s official news app is available on Google Play Store. You can get the apk file from the official website. Install Aaj Tak now and enjoy all Indian news.

ARY News

ARY is another biggest TV in Pakistan and serving Pakistani people in different ways like movies, dramas, and news coverage. If you are looking for the best News Tv app then ARY is the great option here for you. ARY is the fastest news channel in Pakistani and covering all the country and international news. If you have watched the ARY News anywhere on YouTube or Television then I am sure, you are here to download the APK.

Install the ARY News app from the official website or find it on your App Store. There are many apps but you should install only one Official ARY News app by ARY. Just get the ARY News now and get the latest updates about current affairs.

Aj Jazeera English

If you are fond of English news and channels then this is the best app for you. I’m sure that you’ll like this app. You can enjoy all English newspapers and videos on this app. There are many stories and articles to read daily. You can watch live news when you are tired of reading.

Like other apps, Al Jazeera is also available on Google Play Store and other App Stores. You can get the official App from the Al Jazeera site. Download and enjoy your favorite topics news.


Guys I have explained the top countries’ live news Tv apps for Android and Apple, If you were looking for any News tv app I hope that you’ll find your favorite on this shortlist. I’ll continue the list in the next article. Share this article, and make a comment if you have any problems.

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