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Hi, guys, here again, we are going to talk about the top Short videos app for you. If you are too busy, and can’t enjoy your day in movies or long-duration videos. Then you can enjoy your time watching short videos. I am sure that you are well known to TikTok. These all apps are related to TikTok and content creators are also the same.

After TikTok, there are uncountable short videos platforms. You’ll be confused while choosing one of these apps. But don’t worry I am here. I’ll explain the top 5 apps, it will be easy to understand and choose the best app for you. Try one of these apps and enjoy your short videos. Also, you can create your own videos.


Moj is an interesting Indian short video app after the ban of TikTok. Moj means free of tension and problems. You can do “Moj” with the app by watching short funny videos. There are all short video creators of TikTok on Moj – your favorite creators are there. If you are living in India, you know that TikTok and other Chinese apps are banned in India. You can watch short comedies, scenes, dialogues, and other types of content on Moj App living in India.

You can find the app on your app store by searching the MOJ app. This is a free short video app, you can create your content to upload on Moj. You can get fame and money from using Moj because this app has millions of viewers.


Chingari is another Indian short video app. Chingari means flame. You can watch short videos and clips all day. Watch your favorite videos and scenes on the Chingari app. This is the most used app in India after TikTok. If you just want to watch short videos and clips then Chingari is the best app. Interesting new and funny status for WhatsApp is added daily by famous talented content creators.

If you want to get the apk of Chingari then try looking on Google. But I always recommend you to install the app directly from Google App Store.


Veer is a new Pakistani short video app. You can get the content to watch online on Veer. Top famous content creators and famous clips are available to enjoy. If you are a Pakistani then you can enjoy your own app VEER to enjoy short clips. Comedy kings and funny expressions makers are here to let you watch videos for free.

Try installing the Veer app from Google Play Store. If you are looking for a Pakistani short video app then Veer is the most famous app, download it now and enjoy.

YT Shorts

After the success of TikTok all over the world, YouTube launched YT Shorts Beta. You can watch YouTube short videos from back to now. All the short videos under 1 minute are added in the shorts category. Upcoming new short videos will also be added to YT Shorts where everyone can watch in portrait mode.

There is no app on the Play Store yet. You can enjoy YouTube shorts on official YouTube in mobile version. Just open the YouTube app and scroll down. You can see the shorts beta option, just dive in.

Reels IG

Instagram introduced the reels beta version where you can enjoy small size and short duration videos. Facebook is also working to make this feature more attractive and usable. If you don’t have Instagram then install it now. Because all Indian and other TikToker is now making videos on Instagram.

There is no need to install any other app for Instagram reels just open Instagram and look for a short video. You can watch continues short videos.


Guys I have discussed some short video apps for you. You can watch short clips on these apps if TikTok is banned in your country. If you have any other questions or issues then kindly make a comment on this post. Don’t forget to share with your friends, let them know, and enjoy.

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