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Hi, do you have kids? Or you are a kid? Don’t worry here I am going to list some interesting Tv apps for kids. I’m sure that kids will enjoy these apps and they are safe on these apps. These Android Tv apps will help them to enjoy their day, they can also learn something interesting.

There are different apps on the internet, keep your kids safe from them. This list is safe and marked for kids. Your kids can learn how to study and some basic life rules. There are many things to learn about this app. Just read and decide to choose the best app for your kids.

YouTube Kids

We all know YouTube and use it daily. YouTube is the platform where you can get everything to watch. For children’s privacy, YouTube Kids was launched by a YouTube official.

Content on YouTube Kids is filtered for Kids, and there is no content for over kids age. Kids can enjoy cartoons, alphabetic videos, colors, and many other things. Kids can also learn many things like rhymes, numbers, colors, tables with entertaining videos

ChuChu Tv App

This is kids friendly Android Tv app, where your kids enjoy free learning videos. All videos in this app are suitable for kids and they can enjoy their favorite content for free. This app will teach your kids manners, caring, helping others, friendship, loves, and many more things.

If your kids are not using any other app yet. They want to move, then try this app. This will help them find enjoyable content and valuable content for learning. This app has a large community, there are millions of installs, you can find the app on Google Play Store.

HappyKids Tv

HappyKids is an interesting entertainment app where your kids can enjoy kids’ shows, cartoons, and kids funny videos. This free online streaming app for kids. This is safe, and your kids are secure on this app.

This is suitable for every kid from 0-13 age. You can install this free for your kids. Content is categorized for the different age groups. You can select the age, you’ll find content relevant to that age.

Kidoodle Tv

This is the most used Tv app for kids. This is just like other apps but has some unique and best features. You can try this app to teach your kids a lesson in an entertaining way.

You can watch 1000+ instant episodes of any drama or show on your android. There are many online streaming channels. Just single tap to discover thousands of Tv shows, cartoons, kids funny videos, and lessons for kids.

Muslim Tv

Are you Muslim? Do you want to teach your kids Islam in an entertaining way? This is an interesting Islamic Kids Tv App. You can watch all Islamic Videos for entertainment.

Teach your kids Islam in an entertaining way, they can learn anything they want. Learn then Namaz, Duas, and Manners through Islamic Funny Videos.


Dear, we have explained the top 5 Tv android app. We’ve discussed some apps for kids. If you have any questions or problems then kindly make a comment. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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