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If you want to download the VTuber Apk, then you have come to the right place because I am going to give you the download link and share all the information with you for free.

It is designed for Android users and allows you to get all your favorite YouTube videos and their information on your Android phone for free.

As you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is a huge platform where you can learn thousands of things. Here you will find education video art video entertainment technology and much more. It is a huge platform that is used and liked all over the world.

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When YouTube was started in the beginning, there weren’t many people who were update it, there weren’t that many users and there weren’t that many craters. There wasn’t much content and video here, but as time went on technology evolved. YouTube also grew over time and went a long way.

Now you can find almost all kinds of contents on YouTube. There are a lot of caterers here. There are a lot of content makers who have control over different things on different topics and make quality videos to reach people.

Today I have brought for you app, with the help of this video you can get the information of your favorite youtuber, then about their video, about their character and all the information with the help of this apk You can get it for free

In the beginning there was not so much time on YouTube, so there were not so many problems. Now there are millions of videos here, so your favorite videos are your favorite YouTube. Remembering your favorite content  a difficult job, that’s it.

This application has been created for you to get information on YouTube on your phone. You will get these videos, their characters and much more with the help of app.

VTuber Apk

Overview of VTuber Apk

VTuber Apk is an entertainment application made for Android users. With this application you can get all the information of YouTube running on you.

Here you will find new videos of your favorite youtuber latest video tranding videos and much more for free with the help of this application.

With the help of this application you can see your favorite animation character and you are given many pictures of animation character. You can easily open any of these pictures and see the complete video. Get the character’s information, get their latest videos and get a lot of things with the help of the app.

It also gives you the option to kill your favorite characters in the app, which means you can bookmark your favorite character and you the notification facility which With the help of this you can put a notification on any of your phone. Whenever a short video clip is streaming from any of its lights, you can watch it for free.

If you are an animation lovers and you are from Japan then you can also download the app or you can find different characters and their animation and all the information related to animation you can find here This is a wonderful app for people who are from Japan

In is still available only in Japanese language. If you belong to Japanese language then you can download it and if you don’t understand Japanese language then you may have a little problem in app because this application. So far, only Japan has been launched in this language

Animation and character are mostly liked by Japanese people. it is very popular among Japanese people. If you also like character and animation or if you like an animation video or you like it. You can view your favorite things by downloading this apk and you will find all the information here.

If you want to download such a app then you have come to the right place and because you will find its download link on our website and also all the necessary details of the apk file on our page. Will be found

App Details

Apk Namd VTuber
File Size 5.66 MB
Version of app v2.0
Package Name nsproject.vtuber
Cost Free
Android Required 7.0 and Above

10 Key Features of the Vtuber App

  1. Free to Download
  2. Free to Use
  3. List of all Virtual YouTuber
  4. Live Streaming Shows List is also available
  5. Updates Information at a daily base
  6. Notification System
  7. Support only Japanese Language
  8. Details about Videos and Clippings
  9. Interface is User-friendly
  10. Clips and Display images are available

Screenshots of App

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How to Download the Apk file?

If you want to download the VTuber  then you have two options either you can download it from our website it will be its apk file and if you want apk file  You can download it from here by clicking on the button and if you do not want to install its app file in your phone then you will also get it from Play Store. Go to Play Store that you have to write name above and install your phone from playstore.

If you download it from the Play Store, all you have to do is type in its name and click on the install button. It will come to your phone, but if you need its apk file, you can Has to click on its download button and wait a while.

Your apk file will be downloaded. Once the apk file is downloaded, you have to open it and open it by clicking Install which will install it in your phone, then you will be asked for some security permission which If you bring it, it will be installed in your phone


If you like animation and characters videos and you like to watch cartoons etc. and animations then you can download all the VTuber because here you can get all the information and videos related to animation and characters absolutely free.

Before downloading the application let me tell you one thing if you belong to Japanese language and you know Japanese language then you can download this application as this application is still only and Japanese Available in the language

If you are not from China, Japan, then you may have a little trouble understanding this language, but its interface is so wide that you can see all of them on use.

Download Link

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